DISCERNMENT- Take some, leave some

Some people are greatly gifted with words. They can use them in such beautiful ways to express their ideas and their beliefs. Reading their words, stirs your heart and moves you with the reasonance you feel within you.
So if you read one thing written by them and you feel that ‘this is exactly what I feel’, then you start to feel that maybe everything they express will be something your heart feels.
However, that is the time to become a bit more aware and realise, that the author is only expressing his/ her own unique view of the journey. At different times of his life, he may even contradict his own earlier understanding, which was expressed as passionately and eloquently.
So now what do you believe ? Do you get confused ? Do you swing like a pendulum from one belief to the other?
It is so very important to recognise that we are, each one of us, having a unique journey.
We have a finely tuned guidance system within us, meant only for us. That is the ONLY guidance system which can be a true one for us. The one within each one of us. By all means learn from the experiences of those who have walked this path and are able to help with their words …but never discard your own guidance in favour of theirs.
What you feel within you, is your reality. It is not for you to try and explain or convince anyone else about.
Yes you can and must express it. Someone out there might take comfort from it. But know at all times that your journey, your words, only truly apply to you and someone else’s to them.
Do not undermine your instincts in favour of theirs or theirs in favour of yours.
Respect and honour it all and only take what reasonates with you. Leave what does not.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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