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  • MEHR ( LOVE)

    1st Aug 2019 by

    I was born to love. I was born to give that love unconditionally. I was also born to receive that love unconditionally. I started out by giving and receiving it fully…but as I grew, I also started noticing, how sometimes, the love given to me came with certain ,very subtle conditions. As an adult, I… Read more


    1st Aug 2019 by

    Have the courage to look into the eyes of everyone you meet. Their eyes tell a story that their words often cannot. Before that, have the courage to look into the eyes that stare at you in your mirror. Look into those eyes with love, with kindness. If you can do that, looking into another… Read more


    20th Aug 2019 by

    PART 1 ( INVISIBILITY) I am tired of being a turtle. Carrying everyone I love on my back. Tired of being the peace maker …being diplomatic and smoothing feathers that are forever in the danger of being ruffled. Tired of being a soldier….stepping gently through a minefield…being on guard all the time….to keep the peace… Read more


    10th Aug 2019 by

    Golden buzzer moments on talent shows ! When a participant is awarded the golden buzzer, the entire audience jumps and dances with the joy of it…the judges included. The faces are such a beautiful sight to behold. Such a beautiful celebration of our inner most instincts. Those moments are special and so very magical !… Read more


    8th Aug 2019 by

    ” Thank you for the music ” by Abba Ive been getting this song in my head every time I do reiki and today I woke up humming it, even though its not a song I know well. Ive always loved other songs from Abba but not this one. It struck me that my higher… Read more


    6th Aug 2019 by

    We humans, are funny beings. We think our thoughts are so real. We take stances , positions and sides based on our thoughts. We are willing to slay anyone who opposes them , with harsh words, cynicism and physical acts of violence. Our thoughts are not even our own. They are shaped by our beliefs… Read more


    2nd Aug 2019 by

    You are understanding at a deeper level that you can only ever strive to be a perfect fit …for you ! No one else ! And the beauty of that is, that when you are truly ,truly naked of all the masks and cloaks and are just simply yourself…you realise that you shine the brightest… Read more


    1st Aug 2019 by

    All of the things, that happen TO us and AROUND us , are a call to come into balance …to keep coming into balance. Everything that happens to us and around us, causes emotions and feelings within us , which give us clues and hints, as to what our divine source ‘s intention was, to… Read more


    1st Aug 2019 by

    You do not owe it to anybody to go in the general direction that everybody goes in …you were not created to do that. You do not owe it to anybody to tell the stories that are ‘ age appropriate’, ‘society approved ‘ , or in any way conventional. Tell the stories that make you… Read more


    1st Aug 2019 by

    There is a difference between doing and being (your divinity). Doing focusses so much on the action that the essence of it sometimes can be lost in the actions. Being is effortless …it is merely being mindful of what you have learnt or remembered about who you really are and then proceeding with your day… Read more


    1st Aug 2019 by

    Dear Teacher, In your great wisdom, you did not teach me all there is to know. You knew I was not ready. You also knew that I would get there in my own time and in my own unique way. That ‘your way ‘ , was not necessarily mine. You knew that I would be… Read more


    1st Aug 2019 by

    When I finally understood, that it was really home ….I feared it no longer ! ( the other side of the veil )

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