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Presence & Observance

Your soul is not attached to any of the emotions , you experience as a human being. Your soul is pure love. Emotions are what we experience as humans, in order to experience life living through us. Emotions are like the guiding impulses, which guide us as to our innermost nature.Of being limitless and unconditional […]

Understanding ourselves vs others

Each one of us has a very unique soul blueprint. Each factor like soul gift , soul origin , level of understanding and rememberance etc contributes to making an individual who he or she is. On top of that , each soul carries its own fears , faces its own unique challenges etc and has […]


How can you ‘forgive’ someone for just being them? You don’t forgive. You understand. Or atleast you ‘ try ‘ to understand. Most times when you perceive people have wronged you , its because you have your own notions of ‘ right ‘ and ‘ wrong’ and they have theirs.Its interesting to note that their […]


You truly cease to judge others ONLY when you have ceased judging yourself. When you can look back at your journey without squirming , feeling ashamed, feeling like a victim or feeling  accomplished and proud.Feeling only love , acceptance and being able to belly laugh at your ‘ digressions ‘ or ‘ mistakes.’Knowing that it […]


It all may be just an illusion , but the point is that LOVE IS REAL. I just got this and it seems to be the crux of it all. The important thing to keep from losing faith in it all.That love is NOT and never was a part of the illusion. It is the […]

Caterpiller to Butterfly

Think of yourself as a caterpillar who is going through all the different transformative changes that are not only inevitable but absolutely necessary to become what it was always meant to become ….a beautiful vibrant butterfly. Along this journey of life and remembering who you are , you will lose many people…because as you grow […]

FOR HEALERS ( and all of us are that in one form or another)

A message I received – “They look at you with hope and faith. Their faith lies in something that they do not understand but what they hope you understand.Do not turn cynical. It is pointless and does not suit your purpose. Your main purpose is to remind them of their own powers and not to […]


Anything that triggers you, reveals to you parts of yourself, that are yet to be healed. You learn as you go along that you definitely cannot change anyone else and their beliefs. See how hard it is to change our own beliefs in the first place.So take it as a given that their thoughts , […]

Creative ownership

When we engage with thoughts that bring us suffering, it is a choice we are making.Therefore the onus of that suffering lies with us and we cannot seek to blame anyone or anything outside of us for it. The solution is often rejected because it seems too simplistic and we love complicating things. Stop engaging […]

Nothing and Everything

Only when you truly feel satisfied in being nothing can you start to feel into the everythingness of all that you are.Do not be dejected by how far you feel you still have to go. Remember there is no journey anywhere…you are already all of what you think you can be. You just have to […]