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Back and Forth….it matters not

“It is a result of all our past decisions and actions that we are all individually here in the particular circumstances that we are.Yes there is an onward progression ( mostly) in the sense that the soul is growing and expanding. It can’t help but do so, in fact. However that does not mean that […]


When we as parents, extend our love and approval to our kids only when they bring out their best behaviour or their most socially acceptable behaviour and reprimand them or show them we are disappointed in them when they behave in a way that is not acceptable to us, we do them a great disservice. […]


Its strange how Im confronted with a different aspect of learning about boundaries with my kittens. Cats do not heed commands , requests , pleas ….any of it 🤣Any cat person will tell you that the worst possible thing you can do is shout at or frighten your cats in order to discipline them. It […]


Devote your mornings to learning , to your own expansion, to your growth. Every challenge is actually a disguised opportunity to grow. This is why we are truly here. We never came here to be stagnant. Your mind, if controlled by you , can lead you to conscious awareness of the vast resources that lie […]

“Coming Home to yourself “

ME: JUST COME HOME TO YOURSELF. Me: Just come home to myself? Is it as simple as that ? What about all of those things I mentioned? The learning ? The doing ? All of it ?! ME : JUST COME HOME TO YOURSELF Me: So it IS as simple as that ? ME : […]

Is your destiny carved in stone?

Before I came to Singapore, I started this journey when I read one line someplace which made such an impact that I wrote it in my Cathay log book and afterwards in my recipe books.The following is the gist of what I understood. Your destiny is not carved in stone.You can change your destiny AT […]


You are a channel. Be a channel. Allow the love to flow through you to wherever it needs to go, uplifting you and whoever is in its wake.Be a reflection of Source. Ever present in every situation and reflecting only LOVE.Taking out all of the stuff that hinders this receiving and channeling. The clutter …of […]


I invite you to consider this … 1) The onus of making and maintaining relationships lies with all those in those relationships equally. Therefore you never need to overcompensate for anybody else. They do their bit and you do your bit. If they do not do their bit then be aware that you are worthy […]


Its not like the ” suffering ” aspect or the ” pain ” aspect of the human existence ever goes away. As the soul evolves through lifetimes, the suffering aspect which served as a catalyst for growth, understanding and expansion in the initial part of the journey, is now no longer needed as much.The soul […]

Another message from me to me ….

A conversation that played out in my awareness, just before I awoke a few mornings ago. It was so lucid that I remembered it and woke up to quickly type it on my phone “To remember or to stay within the confines of the illusion is always a choice we make. At any given point […]