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Another message from me to me ….

A conversation that played out in my awareness, just before I awoke a few mornings ago. It was so lucid that I remembered it and woke up to quickly type it on my phone “To remember or to stay within the confines of the illusion is always a choice we make. At any given point […]

Spiritual progress

The mark of your actual progress along the spiritual path only comes from how you are ‘ being ‘ with your family. The family that you have been born into and the people in your family that spend the most time with you now.Its so much easier stepping into a new understanding with regards to […]

Liberation from hurt

The key to empathy and compassion and therefore freedom from hurt, is to observe. Those that are the most angry , vindictive, manipulative or in the victim mode etc are actually the ones carrying the heaviest burdens of fear and insecurities.When you realise this, you see others in a different light. Understanding gives one compassion […]


There is always a choice given to you…to succumb to fear or align yourself to love. When anyone in your experience is being angry, jealous , possessive, playing the victim card, being vindictive, spiteful etc, there is a huge temptation to also do the same in the guise of being wronged. Righteousness, however well disguised, […]


Self confidence. Knowing that you are enough. That is all that self confidence entails. True self confidence can never be generated by anything outside of oneself.Not through physical appearances, not any measures of success or knowledge acquired.You can be utterly gorgeous to look at and still feel as if you are not enough in some […]

Slowing Down

Slowing down in no way means inertia or lack of enthusiasm.In fact, it means the exact opposite.Where you slow down enough to really savour , enjoy and be super enthusiastic and ALIVE to all that is showing up. Like a slow walk, where you can notice every little detail…the beautiful perfect bark on the trees, […]


You are a channel.Be a channel.Allow the love to flow through you, to wherever it needs to go, uplifting you and whoever is in its wake. Be a reflection of source. Ever present in every situation and reflecting love. Taking out all of the clutter that hinders this receiving and channeling.The clutter …of thoughts expectations […]

The Greatest Love

I got this profound feeling that the love that truly transforms one forever is the immense love for Source and the one that Source has for you. It is the greatest love.We all know at some level that that we love God and that we are loved in return .We just don’t allow ourself time […]

Fixing vs being present

Another theme suddenly sort of locked into place today for me. Until you learn a theme completely, it keeps showing up in different aspects in fascinating ways so that you understand it in all of its nuances. When others lean on you and it starts to overwhelm you , the only reason it does that […]


Whenever you want ‘more’ of anything in your life…you are in a state of NOT being completely present in your NOW. In relationships, in success , in wanting fame , time ,health, money….. the ‘ more ‘ that you want will NEVER be enough.These are human desires. As souls in a human experience we all […]