All of the things, that happen TO us and AROUND us , are a call to come into balance …to keep coming into balance.
Everything that happens to us and around us, causes emotions and feelings within us , which give us clues and hints, as to what our divine source ‘s intention was, to start with.
This whole life’s purpose, is to come back into alignment with the divine source of creation from where we originated and deviated.
To see and feel the intention of creation from the same point of view as the creator.
Like an artist who shows his work…

The deep desire of an observer, to see and understand the creation ( painting ) would cause the observer to try and get into the head of the painter, in order to understand the intention and thought behind the painting.What was the thought behind the creation ?
The more we desire, as human beings, to understand the purpose of creation….the more we look at, not only what happens to us at the surface…but deeply within…to try and understand the intention behind…and with each little understanding , we come more and more into balance or alignment and move closer and closer to who we were meant to be.
All of this ( good and bad ) was created FOR us to do that. The day we get that , we stop classifying anything that occurs as good or bad , and simply view it as an opportunity to understand further, come into balance and come more into alignment with the creator or Divine source. The ultimate destination is achieving the complete unity from whence we originated. ALL of us, are on this path home. All of us will get there , sooner or later. It is a given.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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