We humans, are funny beings. We think our thoughts are so real.

We take stances , positions and sides based on our thoughts. We are willing to slay anyone who opposes them , with harsh words, cynicism and physical acts of violence.

Our thoughts are not even our own.

They are shaped by our beliefs which come from conditioning….of families we are born into, of the religions ,of the society we live in , of the country we feel we are citizen’s of, of elders and companions, who are AS deluded by their thoughts.

Some of the roots, of why we feel the way we do , go back even further.

We are completely unconscious and react based on these too.

If we could only learn to stop a moment before acting and reacting…we would become aware that BEHIND the voice in our heads that is loud, insistent, aggravating , defensive and offensive, there is a stillness. That stillness, if explored further, reveals who we really are.

A part of the One. Connected to each other as one.

The thought that” peace should be initiated by anyone else other than ‘me’ “, is also , therefore an illusion of separation. After all, there is no one else.

Only the one.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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