Aaj kal mein,
kucch badal sa gaya hai
Sara jahaan, jaise baarish main,
dhul sa gaya hai…

Har cheez mujhe, ab aur saaf nazar aaye
Lekin toote hue patte ki tarah, ab mujhe , idhar udhar na kheench paye.

Yeh zindagi mujhe ab rehmat si lage
Sabhi aur dushman kam ,aur dost zyaada lage
Dekha jaye toh shaayad sabhi waisa hi hai jaise kal tha
Sirf mere purane nazariye ka kasoor tha

Sabhi mere jaise hi hain
Aur main unse mukhtalif kahaan
Sab yeh sacch samajh jaye
Toh kitna sundar ho hamaara jahaan

Translation :

Something has changed these past few days
The whole world looks so new,
as if its been washed in the rain
Everything appears so much clearer ( more vivid ) to me now..
I no longer am that leaf that is blown here and there on the whims of the winds of change.

Life now seems to me, to be a blessing
When I look at others , I recognize more friends than foes
Maybe if I think about it , things are actually still the same as they were before
The only thing at fault was in my old way of looking at the world

Everyone around me is the same as me
How am I any different from them ?
If everyone is to see how connected we are and how similar
Our world would be such a beautiful place ❤

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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