Life continues to help evolve us , if we slow down enough to notice and take heed of the subtle urges that originate from deep within us somewhere.
The predominant theme for me at this point is the urge to let go …even more than I have so far.
Letting go of expectations , of ideas , of having a point of view, of showing up in a particular way.

Letting go leads to liberation because it allows me to accept whatever is showing up, in whichever manner it is showing up.

Letting go, at this point in my journey , feels to me like freedom from my own judgements , notions and ideas in such a way that is profoundly humbling. It is creating a space that I never knew existed.
An empty space.
A space which , when not filled up with what Ive let go off, is actually not empty at all …was never empty.

It was always full of love.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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