Understanding ourselves vs others

Each one of us has a very unique soul blueprint. Each factor like soul gift , soul origin , level of understanding and rememberance etc contributes to making an individual who he or she is.

On top of that , each soul carries its own fears , faces its own unique challenges etc and has either done so for a few lifetimes ( young souls ) or has done so over many lifetimes ( old souls).

So many factors therefore contribute to how a person shows up in their life.
We can only strive to understand our own journey and even that takes a lot of digging inwards…a lot of introspection and honesty.

We cannot even begin to understand another persons journey / stance in life etc based on what we see.
We can only conjecture and even that will never be close to the truth of their journey.

So it is best to understand this and realise that the only ‘ truth ‘ you need to focus upon, is your own.
How you show up in your own life is the only thing that you should really be concerned about.

For example imagine two different people who are very involved in always being there for their friends and family. Always there to lend a helping hand , always sharing and caring.

Looks similar but consider this . Lets say person “A” is gifted with love/ compassion as their souls gift and person “B” has a gift of truth which means that person “B ” gifts shine when she expresses her truth.

Lets further conjecture that ‘A’ has had a smoother childhood , with parents that have been supportive and kind. Also she has reached a higher understanding of herself as an older soul.
Person B , on the other hand , has been abused and rejected in her past lifetimes and her soul carries the fears of rejection and abandonment. Her parents have been kind but been souls who have been fearful of stepping out of their comfort zones . So when person B tried as a child to express her truth, she was suppressed in subtle ways. She was told she must only wear certain clothes , behave in a certain way , not say whatever came to her mind to say as it was not society/ family / convention approved.
So when both of these people show up as loving, caring and always the first ones to help their friends…the background of why they do it may be completely different.

A is showing up to lend a helping hand because that is who she is at soul level. That is her truth.
B is showing up in the same way but because she is compensating for her insecurities…and as a way to counteract her fears of rejection.
It is not who she truly is.
So she is in the dysfuntional aspect of her gift of truth as she is suppressing who she really is in order to get acceptance.
That is how one persons truth can be another ones dysfunction.

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A soul on a journey inward !

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