Different paths to the same expansion

All of these different things that you do whether its Reiki , breathwork, chanting or quiet meditation , you are basically achieving the same end goal.
Which is achieving different states of consciousness or awareness. Awareness can go inwards or can be directed outwards and either ways when you ‘ focus ‘ your attention in this manner , you access parts of your own awareness or brain that you would not otherwise.

They are merely different approaches with the same end goal.

Chanting is a dynamic form of meditation ( focussing ) while sitting down quietly, is a gentler and more passive form of meditation ( again focus ), Reiki takes you into deep relaxation and helps you achieve the Alpha or theta levels of brainwaves.

The common factor being focus. The ability to , in that time , shed all distractions and concentrate your attention to one thing.

That brings you the ability to shift things in your reality in a lot of subtle ways.
Therein lies the power.

Chanting utilises the power of the vibrations of the sounds that you make whilst chanting and also serves to help you to go within or achieve an altered state of mind …a more expanded sort of awareness.
You use MORE of your brain either ways. Music has vibrations also so listening to certain music can bring about the same level of awareness.
Mindfulness is another way to achieve the same. And that perhaps is the most effective and yet the most overlooked.
When we understand what mindfullness is , then you are able to meditate 24×7.

Because it is then that you understand that meditation merely means to focus.

And by focussing you are able to achieve higher and higher levels of awareness
Then you can meditate whilst cooking , cleaning , sleeping , eating , being with your family etc.
It is being FULLY PRESENT IN EACH MOMENT with a gentle awareness
It helps bigtime as then it cuts the unnecessary crap and one learns to unfold with life. Not go through peaks and pits . You become steady in your vibrations and are better able to observe your emotions and therefore better your reactions till they align to the highest vibration of you.

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