Another message from me to me ….

A conversation that played out in my awareness, just before I awoke a few mornings ago.

It was so lucid that I remembered it and woke up to quickly type it on my phone

“To remember or to stay within the confines of the illusion is always a choice we make. At any given point we can choose to awaken or to stay asleep. Just like no one can be hypnotised who is unwilling to be hypnotised, no one can stay in this illusion unless they want to stay.
Question – Does it bother God / creator / Source if we choose to dilly dally and take our time and not stay on the path of remembering?
Answer – ALL paths lead to remembering . Some sooner, some later but as ” time” is a non issue, and ” experience ” and ” understanding ” is all that matters , do you think it would ” bother ” God/ Creator/ Source ?
Question- Are spirit guides also God ?
Ans – Yes
Question – what about rocks ?
Ans – yes
Question – grass , trees everything?
Answer – There is NOTHING and NOBODY that is not God.”

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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