I invite you to consider this …

1) The onus of making and maintaining relationships lies with all those in those relationships equally. Therefore you never need to overcompensate for anybody else. They do their bit and you do your bit. If they do not do their bit then be aware that you are worthy of better and have the courage to either address the imbalance or walk away.

2) Any relationship, in order to be successful, needs to be a fairly balanced one , with no one person giving too much or taking too much. There should be a fair exchange of energy in order for the relationship to thrive.

3) If YOU like YOU…then you will no longer be bothered about anyone else liking you or not. If you approve of you , then you no longer need anyone else’s approval or validation.
In fact, if you yourself do not like or approve of yourself, then you cannot expect anyone else to genuinely like or approve of you.
You are, at all times, unconsciously sending out a radio signal which tells everyone how you feel about yourself.

Think about it for a minute.

Aren’t you able to tell when someone is quietly confident and happy to be in their skin?
Aren’t you able to sense when someone is needy , underconfident, insecure or overcompensating?

4) You do not ever need to worry about what another person is thinking about you. What is really important is ,what are you thinking about yourself? Do not reason out what must be going on in another persons head. It is never possible for you to do so with any degree of accuracy. There are just too many denominators !

5) When certain relationships sour, and if you have tried with a genuine authentic intentionality to make them work, then accept gracefully that maybe it is time for those relationships to end. Bless and forgive yourself and the other in the relationship and let them go.

6) If you remain in a balanced state in your relationships, not expecting too much out of yourself or others, not feeling overly responsible for anyone elses joy and knowing that they are not responsible for yours, then the relationships will be of a much better quality and will thrive.

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A soul on a journey inward !

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