Is your destiny carved in stone?

Before I came to Singapore, I started this journey when I read one line someplace which made such an impact that I wrote it in my Cathay log book and afterwards in my recipe books.
The following is the gist of what I understood.

Your destiny is not carved in stone.
You can change your destiny AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT.
You can do this by recognising God within everything and everyone.

Which means

1) all happens FOR you, not against you …including the seemingly bad stuff. That is when you recognise God in everything in your life and you go forth in faith that all is ok and taken care of, for you, in your highest good.

2) it also means that when you start to recognise God in everyone you encounter, you treat everyone with a love and respect that maybe you overlook right now. The key here is that by treating people right , with love and humility, you change your own physiology and energy body.

YOU are the one who has the power of changing everything in a moment of this realisation.

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A soul on a journey inward !

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