Devote your mornings to learning , to your own expansion, to your growth.

Every challenge is actually a disguised opportunity to grow. This is why we are truly here. We never came here to be stagnant.

Your mind, if controlled by you , can lead you to conscious awareness of the vast resources that lie dormant, within you to overcome anything.

If left untamed, it holds you by the hand and leads you down a crazy “merry go round” of fear and doubt.

Your wisdom lies still and undisturbed inside of you, waiting calmly and patiently for you to still yourself enough to finally be able to perveive it.

Its always within your reach and with it , all of the resources you might need to overcome the challenge whatever that challenge may be in that moment.
Because you see, in this world of duality, a problem CANNOT exist without its solution.
If a problem exists, you can be very sure that the solution lies with it too. You just have to reach the stillness within to perceive it.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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