Back and Forth….it matters not

“It is a result of all our past decisions and actions that we are all individually here in the particular circumstances that we are.
Yes there is an onward progression ( mostly) in the sense that the soul is growing and expanding. It can’t help but do so, in fact. However that does not mean that it has to progressively be placed on only more abundant backgrounds or in more powerful roles. That is the egoic way of looking at it.
The soul never decides its incarnations, based on these things. It focusses on growth and experiences that will enrich its soul and those experiences can very well be experienced as a beggar on the streets and do not require a soul to be born into wealth and comfort.
In fact, some souls choose “discomfort” again as old souls, to see how they grow again at a deeper level when faced with the same cut throat competition for perceived limitations that they once faced as young souls.
Like a child who goes back into the same junior class to see if he indeed knows and is sure footed with its basic sums. There is a new enjoyment and experience to be had with the same experiences at times, as the soul has grown and experiences these things differently even as the soul perceives them completely differently.
The attachment to material desires is less and therefore the fear is considerably less, so the soul perceives what it did not before.
So it is not necessary that the soul progresses in terms of human advancement as it advances spiritually. There are souls who can go right back to where they began, if they feel they need the same circumstances to try again …….remember, time is a linear concept only for you.

It is possible for a soul to go back to any age simultaneously as this experience of the earth at this stage is happening. Whether its early ages or the millenium….it is only a concept of consciousness and consciousness can go wherever it feels fits its growth perfectly.”

The knowing came that we can actually go back to being anything we want to be, based on what we want to experience.
Increasing levels of wealth , comfort and power are not taken into consideration unless they serve our purpose to act as the perfect condition to grow in experience. They serve as being backgrounds to our growth so almost like actors choose their backdrops or costumes.
As souls these things matter to us , not at all.
So some souls that feel so ahead of their times , may indeed have experienced being ahead of their times in certain lifetimes.
Einstein , Nostradamus….such souls may have experienced life in what we perceive to be the later stages of the earth and then been born ” back in time ” because they wanted to experience certain life themes that would come from such a circumstance of them having advanced inner knowing. They might also be inspired to help be catalysts of progress and advancement for a huge number of younger souls or the younger soul world.

Back and forth or forth and back.
It matters not.

In whatever we decide to do, we affect the fabric of the universal consciousness as it is not separate from ours.

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A soul on a journey inward !

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