At times empaths or highly compassionate and usually caring souls seem to display or feel apathy or a complete lack of sympathy in certain situations or with certain other people.

This puzzles them and makes them think something is ‘ wrong ‘ with them.
But this feeling of sudden detachment and apathy arises, because they are old souls.

They either recognise the underlying truth of the situation (for example death is merely a changing of forms and not really the end or in other cases, what is showing up is merely consequences of choices made and as old souls who have done this countless times, they recognise that its ok and so they do not ” feel” pulled into the ” drama” aspect of what is playing out….in those times its almost as if they are unplugged from the matrix and looking in ….very detached and composed.

Yet in other times, things like a beautiful piece of lemon in their tea which looks like the petals of a flower or acts of love and kindness and compassion in others will move them to tears of unbridled joy.

In these moments they are recognising the ” truth ” again.

The ” Love ” behind it all.

A lot of what ” ought to” make you feel “sad” does not shake your balance and yet some thing like love or kindness or gratitude touches your soul.

The beauty of it all touches your soul and yet the drama of it leaves you unfazed.

So do not judge yourself or think you are lacking in love or kindness.

You are just more steeped in the unconditional kind of love and compassion….not the kind that is projected more whilst we are here (the one full of conditionality)

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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