Speaking our Truth

  • WHEN and HOW should we express our truth? This was a question that came up recently and below is what I have learnt, based on my own understanding …
  • We must ALWAYS express our truth by showing up authentically. Speaking our truth need not be contentious, or overbearing or rebellious.

In fact, when we are aligned to Source consciousness, we are speaking from a place of being grounded and calm.

So most often our energy declares our truth and we do not even need to verbally proclaim or defend it.

You can instead , honour that another person has the right to their perspective as much as you have a right to yours.

So instead of trying to argue your point , or insist on explaining your truth to someone else, it is way better to say, ” how interesting you feel this way” , or, ” how interesting.”

  • When we understand that there are as many truths/ perspectives as there are people, then the need to insist on our truth dissolves.
  • Also there is never any need to give up on your truth and agree to anyone else’s truth, just to keep peace or avoid drama. That is not honouring your truth. And definitely not being authentic.

This way you are immediately stepping up in your own vibrations and being in Alignment with your highest self as you are honouring yourself and the other at the same time.

  • Understanding that all our individual truths can be different, gives us the opportunity to become more compassionate and tolerant. That leads to feeling more harmony within ourself.
    It is the surest way to remain flexible and approach all of life’s experiences with a beginners mind.
  • There are some situations/ relationships where trying to express our truth is counterproductive or frustrating. I spoke about narcissistic / toxic relationships briefly.

In these situations, trying to express our truth can result in being manipulated, gaslighted and invalidated.

So much so that one starts to question one own self.

In these cases it is best to calmly walk away. There is then no need to try and explain our point of view or try and understand another point of view.

This brings us to, how do we KNOW that we are in a relationship or situation that is toxic for us and not merely being JUDGEMENTAL?

We need to once again tune in to our own inner guidance and our level of self awareness.

Once you KNOW who you are and know that you have the courage and the habit of taking responsibilty for whatever shows up in your own experience, that you have the guts to self examine, then it becomes easier to discern toxic relationships as opposed to healthy relationships where there are naturally instances of differing opinions.

You see, in a situation like this, you will almost always pick up on the fact that your energy is not feeling good.

That the energy feels discordant.

The other person might say words which sound harmless, but their energy does not match their words. Or when there is an aspect of manipulating your words or gaslighting you.

You will always know when its time to just quietly move away, if you develop the sensitivity to your own inner guidance.

This is self empowerment and self Love. đź’•

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A soul on a journey inward !

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