The way of Love

From my spirit self

” You are so loved, so supported, so kindly looked upon, so cherished.

You continue to do what gives you joy and utmost satisfaction and enables you to be free.

Freedom is essential for your joy.

Feeling free is an important value for everyone.

Be considerate of your freedom and you will automatically be considerate of the freedom of others.

In baby indiscernible steps, withdraw control and energy from anything that does not align to freedom- yours and that of those in your life.

Me – ” Isn’t everyone responsible for their own paths ? “

SS- Yes they are but you play a role in their lives and karmic entanglements occur when your ‘ beingness’ intrudes upon their lives and influences their decisions.

Me – So am I supposed to be a non entity ?

Ss- No just be Love.
Love does not bind.
Love frees.
Love believes
Love holds but does not hold on.
Love breathes freely and allows breath in all.
The divine breath.
Breath connects us all.
Isn’t that enough?
The emerging and merging back into source and sharing the breath.

What you want should be extended out first.
That is how it works in your world.
If you want love, open your heart and give it first.
If you want meaningful connections, be authentic and be prepared for it to be meaningful and not just on the surface.

Glow with your own unique light and encourage others to glow in their unique Light. Whilst you are responsible for your light, you can celebrate and encourage the lights in others.

Use Reflection and introspection.

Set doubt aside.

If you feel happy, peaceful and do not need validation you are on the right path

Wear your ” God Spectacles ” and ” find” me everywhere. In everyone and in everything.
If there is only one thing you do, it is to look at everyone with ‘God Eyes”

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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