True Joy is a state within

” Your peace and happiness comes from inside of you and then that is what is reflected on the outside, when you hold your own inner state of being and no longer allow it to be affected by anyone or anything outside of you.

Wanting others to be happy is you still thinking you have any control over what they are choosing.

You are only ever in control of your own inner environment.

The sooner you come into a state of acceptance of what others are choosing and do not allow whatever they are choosing to affect your choice of peace on the inside…the sooner you set yourself free.
You are already joy on the inside. Already fun🌻

All you need to do is remove the blocks to your joy.
This is not other people or circumstances of your life.
Its usually the way you ” think” about your life.

Your mind is the one that complicates what is simple.
Being joyful and having fun does not require a certain set of circumstances or people in place. It requires you to remove the internal blocks you have developed to being joy and fun. It requires you to CHOOSE JOY DAILY.

That is why, you will find that true fun , true joy are something you can find in sipping a cup of hot coffee or just merely sleeping in a comfortable bed, or seeing people around you.

Its not to do with ANYTHING or anyone outside of you.

It is a state within.”

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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