False Foundation

“The dark night of the soul”

One of the major jobs of the ego is to encase you in a particular way of seeing yourself.
In which most others are at fault or to blame.

Your own transgressions or faults, if at all admitted by the ego, are mildly stained with the air of righteousness or ” see how grand I am to be admitting to this fault.”

The ego feels as if you have a solid foundation upon which everything else is built.

Once the ego inevitably starts to crack and finally shatters, it leaves you open to seeing the truth clearly in a way that was not seen before, perhaps only sensed.

This truth can look scary, ugly without the comforting delusion of the ego.

Confronting clarity can be a painful and disorienting process.

But once seen, this clarity cannot be unseen.

The very foundation upon which the entire story of life was built is now no longer firm at all, but very shaky and unreliable and shifting and sliding in its dying throes.

Now there is a choice to be made.

Stay on the false foundation (which was always only an illusion), or free fall.

Many try to salvage what can be salvaged to stay in the illusion just a ” little bit longer “.
The fear of the unknown can be a huge stumbling block to freedom from this stage of evolution.

The other choice is to surrender to the Free Fall.

With the deepest faith you have which comes from the depth of the soul.

Free fall through the shaky shifty egoic foundation ………fall until you reach the true foundation.

Being completely vulnerable ….much like how we all were at the point of our birth.

Not knowing….just trusting the flow.

This can feel like a death because its the death of all that you have known or thought you knew.

The dark night of the soul.

The neccesary path that pushes you through to the final stretch.

It feels like a death but its not merely a death…it is the birth of something new, something real, something finally true.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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