Rememberance of wholeness

The universe has a way of sending us messages through our own impulses and things we intuitively are attracted to.
Ive been attracted to a series called Rizzoli and Isles.

What attracted me to the series was the strong and beautiful relationship between two strong female protagonists.

Both are like the yin and yang aspects of each other.

Both have strong viewpoints and vulnerabilities and both are unapologetically authentic.

The strong and yet sensitive bond they share.
The kind of love that sees them through many phases of their individual lives. Their deep friendship is stronger than familial bonds and romantic relationships.

They lead their own lives, give each other respect and space, allow and encourage each others growth, and have each others backs through it all.

A while ago, I also started on this painting of 2 women which was inspired by a photo I saw on the internet.

It attracted me and I am enjoying the process of allowing it to come through me.

I have a glimmer of understanding of some of the energies that are coming through into my conscious awareness.

Some of the understandings are these….the yin and yang aspects we see playing out outside of us and always striving for the complete balance, actually exist inside us and are merely reflected outside too.

If we come into a balance of our own yin and yang aspects, regardless of what sex we perceive ourselves to be, without needing to be one more than the other, without needing anyone else to play this balancing role for us, we come into a state of ‘remembering’ our wholeness.

For we were always meant to be whole. Always complete. Naturally expressing both aspects in perfect balance.

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A soul on a journey inward !

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