There is a difference between doing and being (your divinity). Doing focusses so much on the action that the essence of it sometimes can be lost in the actions.
Being is effortless …it is merely being mindful of what you have learnt or remembered about who you really are and then proceeding with your day and night…in fact all of your moments. Little by little. Moment by moment.

Doing is more at the beginning when you feel the need for action in order to break old barriers and habits and belief systems. It still comes from a vague feeling of fear. Of validating or requiring validation. ‘Being’ sets you free. There is no validation needed at all and one is free to just be.

Contrary to the discipline of ‘doing’ and feeling the shortage of time, now one begins to feel free of the constraints of time. One moment merges into the next with ease and wonder and makes one rejoice in the freedom and perfection of it all. ‘Being’ is the way . ‘Doing’ is a temptation that comes from time to time and is not necessarily bad. Sometimes it is even necessary to tame ones runaway mind. But settling into the ‘being’ is a comfortable feeling.

Nothing to prove ,nothing to validate.

Just living, breathing and being ….the most powerful expression of your divinity and that is what makes the most difference vibrationally.

“Doing” has a different vibration and” being” a different one.”

Being” effortlessly translates into uplifting others as well through not only your own vibrations but also through inspiratiom and in evoking memories in other souls, as to their own true nature.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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