Dear Teacher,
In your great wisdom, you did not teach me all there is to know.

You knew I was not ready. You also knew that I would get there in my own time and in my own unique way.

That ‘your way ‘ , was not necessarily mine. You knew that I would be impatient and upset at times, that you would not make it easier for me by just telling me what I needed to know.

I expected at times , for you to hold my hand and gently lead the way so I could get there with your knowledge and experience. But you knew better , and merely pointed me in the general direction and let me stumble and fall and find how to pick myself up and walk again.
The road feels hard at times but mostly , oh so satisfying.

Because you allowed me to do it myself.

To find my own unique way to our common destination ❤

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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