” Thank you for the music ” by Abba
Ive been getting this song in my head every time I do reiki and today I woke up humming it, even though its not a song I know well. Ive always loved other songs from Abba but not this one.

It struck me that my higher consciousness was probably trying to communicate through my subconscious ! As my mind is kept so busy that I don’t consciously open up to communication .
So I looked up the lyrics and reading them, made me smile. Ive always loved Dr Wayne Dyers quote, ” Do not die with your music still in you ” and it seemed to apply to what I was feeling.

The last few days , Ive again felt a deep conviction that I will not ever feel the urge to create cakes like I used to ( I was a passionate cake decorator for almost 6 years until last year). I been feeling a slight sense of loss with that knowledge.
Now, as I hum this song, I realise we are singing the song we are meant to be singing at any given time.

So nothing is lost, as long as we don’t die with ‘our music still inside of us.’
In different circumstances , sometimes our “song ‘ changes …sometimes, what we need to do in life ,to express who we are and how we touch other lives , changes.

It is a continuous evolution.

As long as we keep singing , ( expressing ourselves and our gifts for making a difference in the lives around us ), it does not matter.

Life is supposed to be fun , not a job to be done.

Its never done and you are never finished. So why not have fun and sing your song.

A message from me … me ❤

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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  1. I love ABBA too and find my heart lifts when I sing along to their music. I find it interesting how your passion for making cakes has changed because something similar has happened with me. I used to be an intuitive spiritual counselor, doing readings, energy healing and workshops and classes. Then I stopped. A part of me longs to go back to being of service and another part is holding me back. For now, I’m going with the flow, following my intuition and trusting there’s a plan unfolding. Wanda


    1. Wanda , you are moving into a higher level of awareness and expansion. You are right in following your gut feel , and not ‘ doing ‘ anything outwardly at this stage. You will know when and if the time is right to go back to being of service. Right now is your stage to be that caterpillar….nurturing your soul….finding your centre. Just being ….and therefore affecting those that come in contact with you 💖


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