Golden buzzer moments on talent shows ! When a participant is awarded the golden buzzer, the entire audience jumps and dances with the joy of it…the judges included. The faces are such a beautiful sight to behold.
Such a beautiful celebration of our inner most instincts.

Those moments are special and so very magical !

The reason they reasonate so deeply with most of us, is because, that is truly who we are at soul level.
Unconditional, loving , giving beings, who revel in each others joy and success, who feel the euphoria of lifting someone up and feel uplifted ourselves in doing so.

Imagine , if we were to realise that the world is a stage and we do not have to ever go to a talent show to feel this incredible magic. It lies dormant within us at all times.

That in lifting , inspiring, encouraging ,cheering on, loving ourselves and others, we get to feel the same euphoria at any given time.

That our whole lives can be a series of magical moments…..just like the golden buzzer moments💜

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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