It is not anyone outside of you , that is your anchor or who gives you your wings. You are your own anchor and your own wings. They merely give you the perception of being your anchor.

See things as they are and not how you wish to see them.

Truth does set free. You are like the bird that refuses to go free, even when the cage door is open. Dont you want to know what lies outside that cage ? You have a glimpse of what that freedom would be like. You mistrust your ability to come through that dark night that will precede your vision of the glorious day ..but to stay back blinded because you choose to close your eyes…its a pity.
Look back and see how many dark nights you have come through . Hasn’t the day after the darkest of nights been worth it ?
Free will is a real and tangible thing. No one sets you on any path not of your choosing. Just open your eyes and look at the choices that will serve your higher calling.

Yes you can have your loved ones along with you on this journey, but you must set yourself free in your mind and your heart.
Your heart MUST be free for you to be able to see clearly that joy and freedom are not bound by any one person … are not because of any one person. They are there for you regardless of who and what is absent or present in your life. Once you set yourself free from this limitation inside of you….you will be able to walk unhindered in your joy. Nothing outside of you will have the power to control your joy.
Its not as if they want to control it. Its more because you give them that power. All Im saying is …why should it be so ?

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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