My mind , my heart , my understanding is growing. There is an expansion taking place which is changing the way I act and react to everything around me.

I am , in every moment , being as true to myself , as I can possibly be. I do not see myself doing otherwise anymore.

While most of you are riding along on this crazy train with me ,with all its thrilling crazy twists and turns, this is probably bewildering for some of you that do not understand my need to be on this ride yet.
I do feel SO MUCH love and gratitude for you too…as much as I feel for those of you, who have willingly hopped on with me.

However I do not see any reason or possiblity to ‘re-adapt ‘ to your comfort zone version of me. I am so grateful that you understand and even if you don’t, I love you ❤

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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