The gist of all this learning is to love your neighbour as you love yourself. In the deepest way possible. No boundaries, no holding back.

Ive been getting glimpses of this huge round circle….first a huge dependency on what I perceived to be God…who, in my mind was definitely an external force…someone to be beseeched and bullied and begged from…then later someone to thank when ‘good stuff’ happened …with an underlying, almost unconscious thread of fear of judgement and retribution if there was a slacking of appreciation on my part…going on to understanding how I could create my own reality…to feeling a separation from God / Divine source where my focus changed to ME being the creator of my life… completely in charge of me .

This phase had me focussing on self awareness , self acceptance and self love…so much of ‘ Self’ !
I felt the distance from the Divine source….the furthest Ive ever been.

Forgot to talk, and to communicate…only remembered to talk to the movers and shakers …but no time to spare to communicate within, to the Divine source of all creation. And recently been feeling the distance acutely…being shown the way back…bit by bit.
Its all so beautifully planned and designed that it leaves me breathless with awe at the intricacy and yet
the simplicity of it all.
The books Im suddenly picking up to read ( knowing it is time to ) , being led to different learnings by different teachers ( some of who, are not even aware that they are teaching ! ) , its all so beautiful!
I can see it as lights blinking on, in a particular sequence ….BLINK BLINK BLINK ….one by one….in the very unique sequence which was mapped out to make me understand , knowing that even a small step here or there would not work as precisely as this.
And to think that each one of us souls have this unique customised sequence planned ! Its just ….mindblowing to me.

The walls that I so carefully built…the energetic boundaries …are after all the last thing to understand😅😂…they needed to be built in order to understand how important it is to pull them down, especially now with this deeper understanding of connection.

I don’t know if you will understand that drawing..but it is what I saw as what has been my path. The point in the middle is when my energetic boundaries were the highest. The distance in my awareness ( the separation on an inate level ) the most.
It is not everyone’s path. Its just what I perceive has been mine. To get over the fear of being taken advantage of.
If there is no separation , then all of this is just an egoic concept.
The distance also is symbolic of my distance with others inspite of the connection I felt through each of my readings.
The readings were honestly the only times I would feel unconditional pure love for the souls I was doing the reading for. I did not know their shell , only saw their pure souls and fell in love… every .single.time !
The purpose of those readings was not only to bring them closer to their own understanding of themselves but also to give me the deep deep understanding of how to look at those that I feel are separate from me because I can only see their shells.

How to look at EVERYONE as truly an extension of me.

Love thy neighbour as you love yourself 💕

It shall take me some time to get there completely…but atleast now, I know how 💕

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A soul on a journey inward !

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