Less is more !

I think I finally get this ! I thought I understood it and agreed with it for a long time, but I realise now , that it was at a very superficial level.

As a little girl , I was given the honour of dusting our drawing room ( living room as it is now called ). I revelled in the task and was so careful not to break these delicate figurines and showpieces that my mom and grandma had collected from around the world on their travels.
Each piece had a story attached to it. I was so proud of our home and its beautiful things. I grew up and moved into my own little home when I started working. I also started gathering my own ‘ beautiful things ‘ as I started to travel…things to remind me of the places I’d travelled to and the memories I had made.
Countless photographs , gifts , clothes from our wedding , my boys favourite stuffed toys , their first blankets , photo frames , dishes handed down in our families..the list is endless.

I was carrying tradition forward.

I have moved from home to home , even countries, carrying my ever increasing load of memories. On my journey within, I have unlearnt so many many things. I think one of the latest things I have unlearnt , is the love for ‘ things ‘. I woke up one day with total clarity about this. I looked at my things and for the first time ever , saw clearly that they were just objects. I was no longer attached to these or even to my memories.
The only thing that really mattered anymore ,was this incredible feeling of clarity and love.
I proceeded to de -clutter my home. I realised that the most precious memories are deep in my soul and as for the ones I have to look at objects to remember , maybe were not worth remembering anyway.
I gave away bags and bags of things to people who would use them or needed them, way more than I did. Once I had given away ‘ sentimental ‘ items , the rest was child’s play.

Now, not only do I have way less to clean , but it struck me as a happy, happy thought that my home and heart have more room for love 💕

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A soul on a journey inward !

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