As parents , we are role models to our kids whether we are conscious of it or not. They emulate what we do , not what we say.
Rigidity, being stuck to ideas and ways of being , a refusal to change ones viewpoint is all duly noticed and then imbibed.
Change is the very essence of life.

Learning to adapt , learning to think differently , keeping an open mind
and more importantly , an open heart …now these are things to pass on to our kids.

Ive been the parent that sticks by the rules, that refuses to think differently from what was learnt ,in the form of values , traditions, food ,culture, fitness , relationships , religion etc !

In the name of conformity , of fitting in , of being one with the people that surrounded me.
When I was that parent , I raised a child that refused to think outside the box, did not know how to , a child who was fearful of any changes in his environment, fearful of stepping outside any lines , fearful and anxious about expressing his truth.

Somewhere down the line, thankfully I changed.
Therefore my kids did too.

I am no longer fearful of being different, of sticking out like a sore thumb , of greeting new experiences and new people without fear and with instead an attitude of curiosity and gratitude.

Learning , forever learning !
My children watch me try new things, do new things, learn new things. They watch me step out of my comfort zone again and again and they learn to do the same…..faster and better than me!

I wish we realised that, how we choose to live our lives , speak our truths impacts our childrens lives to such a great extent. We get to raise heart healthy , loving , kind , adventurous, adaptable human beings or we get to raise robots. The choice is ours.

A message from me ….to me

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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