Kindness over Righteousness
These words came to me suddenly one day and seemed important so I wrote them down.
After that I have become aware that a shift is required in life….from righteousness to kindness. We are taught righteousness in various forms through our childhood and adulthood …this is good..that is bad…you must do this…you must’nt do that…and on and on until it becomes second nature to immeditately classify everything and everybody you come in contact with , into neat slots of good and bad..right and wrong etc etc.

Doing this …our minds and hearts are restricted and cannot grow into the full and natural capacity they have of awareness and love. Not only that , but we also cause a lot of our own suffering with a mindset like that.
‘Unlearning’ is one of the most important ideas I have learnt on this path. Unlearning what does not serve me anymore so that Im free to learn what does.
Every time one chooses being kind over wanting to be righteous …makes your heart a little bit free-er to love and grow.

A message from me ….to me

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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