There is a difference between conventional wisdom and true wisdom.
The kind of ‘ wisdom’ that is handed to you, by society, parents, teachers , religions etc sometimes makes you uncomfortable deep within.

Then that is not for you.

The wisdom that reasonates deep within…that you feel like you always knew this and now recognise it …is the one that is for you.
So nothing needs to ever be conventional.

For example …conventional wisdom might require you to be expressing yourself with animosity or judgement or hate towards ‘ enemies ‘.
Your source / God consciousness knows there is no such thing.
So it would be uncomfortable doing that.
It will feel better when you act from a place of love without conditions.
Tune in to what ‘feels’ right .

Only then are you on the right path. If it ‘ feels ‘ wrong ..then its not for you.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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