We need to know that we are fine. All is well and only going to get better. All we really need to do is to keep our thoughts uplifted and focus on listening to our inner guidance. Our inner GPS. Our inner knowing. As to our own unique paths.

Taking a decision, to not allow anybody to shake our balance or our alignment with our inner being. No matter how much we love them and no matter how close we are to them. It is not worth it. Not at the cost of our peace of mind .
Be patient with them as the ones that hurt us the most, are usually the most disconnected with their own inner being / higher consciousness.
However, being patient with them does not equate to stepping down to their vibrations to meet them. Let them raise their vibrations and come up to meet us. That is what we intended as souls.
Not one of us is a victim. No matter what it looks like on the outside. Remember that.
Once we understand that deeply , we will be free to walk our own paths without feeling unnecessary pain or the obligation to uplift everyone around us every single time.

How liberating and how empowering if each one of us took that responsibility for ourselves.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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  1. Wow.. that’s quite deep but yeah, and it’s so true. I think all of our need to fight our won battle (within).
    I like the way you write, very few people can pen their thoughts down so well and with ease.
    Keep it coming..


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