The turbulent waters parted ways and let him walk through.
He did so calmly , and with complete faith. He did so without a tremor , without the shadow of a single doubt. With an utmost command over himself.

Ah, to be SO sure of ones vibrations , one’s ability, no matter what one faces, to stay in alignment.

That stepping into the turbulence of human emotions , different levels of consciousness and awareness, with a calm and poise. With a deep knowing of stillness deep within.

Which translates the turbulence around as something that is merely observed with a sense of compassion and with loving detachment.

We are not meant to isolate ourselves and expose ourselves to only those that vibrate the way we do….those that look at the world, the same way we do.
There is an illusion of ‘ Safety ‘ in this.
Just like the illusion of separatedness. Immersing oneself in the wholeness of it all and yet being able to find oneself in all of the great mix. Now THAT is what we came to do. The exchanging , the learning,the leaning and supporting, the mutuality of it all…that is what makes up this beautifully woven blanket of life. Where all the colours of the yarns add to the ultimate vibrant design of the whole.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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