The importance of the physical mind / ego consciousness

The creative process for a soul is simple.
There is a plan.
The goal is to get to a stage of understanding and expansion through experiencing duality and then ultimately coming back to oneness with the creator / divine source ( whatever you choose to call it ) .
This growth or expansion is not finite….. It is infinite…… It continues.

There is no end.

The separation itself is merely an illusion. The illusion being necessary for this experience.

Each one of us IS a part of the divine source.

If the divine source is pure , unconditional love, why in the world would we, as parts of the divine source , want to separate from the divine source and limit our consciousness to such an extent that we are no longer conscious of who we are and what we are ( a part of divine Source and therefore one of the whole ) ?
Why in the world would we separate ourselves, or more precisely suffer the illusion of separation from the whole of what we are ? Why would we choose this ? Because yes , it IS a choice we make. It is never thrust upon us. We choose this.

The answer to that is simple. We choose it, because we ( the divine source) wants growth and expansion. That growth can occur rapidly only in our illusion of duality,( darkeness and light, happy and sad , grief and joy, bitterness or euphoria, love or hate etc)

Being a human with a limited awareness , or having the amnesia which makes us forget the truth of what we are ( pure unconditional love ) ,
helps us to grow and expand ,when we choose to go through the duality that being a human being, offers us.

In this journey towards duality and expansion , away from the understanding of who we are, the ego mind ( physical mind or consciousness ) plays a very crucial role. Just like an anchor that helps the rope to reach the depths of the ocean, in opposition to its natural inclination, the ego mind is the force that pulls us away from the Divine source and our innate nature of unconditional love into the depths of fear.

The ego mind is limited to and motivated by fear rather than love.
It perceives itself as separate from ‘ others ‘.
This illusion of ‘ separation ‘ then pushes the soul into the human experience. Of good and bad , of judging and being judged, of love and hate , of suffering and joy. It enables us to learn from our relationships with those we perceive as being separate from us. It helps us to experience ourself in a diversity of situations.
The trajectory back to the creator or source is inbuilt in our soul blueprint. It gives glimpses , nudges, tugs , pulls and pushes us back in the direction of who we were always meant to be.

Its like a magnetic pull taking us back …away from the illusion , back to clarity. Away from fear , back to love.
That is why the most important journey we can take , is the journey within.
It tells us what to do, reminds us of who we are.

Do not discount the importance therefore of the physical mind /the ego mind. If it did not try and anchor us in the human desires.. there would be no growth …no expansion.

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A soul on a journey inward !

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