Vibrational mismatch

Words do not speak. Your vibrations do. Its not merely words that are the cause for unwanted stuff showing up in your experience. Or for misunderstandings.

Especially when your words do not match your vibrations.

When your words say one thing, but your vibrations something entirely different. That is what causes a misalignment in what you said and what showed up.
When you say what you mean the people you want to say it to. And what you say comes out from a place of love , not fear. When you do say what you say and do not attach to the results of what you say…all of it is fine. Do not act or react unless it comes from a place of love.
People can only interpret your intentions based on their experiences or their own general intentionality. They can never tap into your source of intentionality and you cannot tap into theirs. It is best to observe therefore, and be gently detached from it all.
To observe and choose to learn or not.To observe and choose to act or not.

To observe and choose to react or not.

To observe and never be compelled or obligated to do anything more.

It is all ok.

It was always all ok.

It is always going to continue being ok.

Being kind is important. One can accomplish way more by being gentle and kind.

Even though it might be greatly tempting to call people out on their bullshit, that rarely helps ,as it only serves in putting up their defences.

If they haven’t acknowledged their BS to themselves , they are unlikely to acknowledge it to you.

I get the image of a rock against a rock. So much force and breakage.

Where as water , lapping lovingly and with great consistency , wears off the resistance too and yet does no damage.

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A soul on a journey inward !

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