We often think that only certain emotions are desirable. For example joy , love , excitement , generosity, kindness, enthusiasm etc.

However we are human beings in an environment of duality, so how can we ignore the emotions that we consider not so desirable, like anger, frustration , bittterness, sadness, jealousy, lethargy etc?

Usually social and other conditioning reinforces our discomfiture with these emotions. Movies, novels, religious stories show very clear demarcations between hero’s who are always good , kind , brave , loving etc etc and show villains who are always mean, jealous , angry or greedy etc.

The truth is, all of us have a part hero and part villain within us , if you want to think of it like that. Very rarely is anyone pure ‘ good ‘ or ‘evil ‘.

At our core, we are pure unconditional love.

It helps to remember that , as we sift through this duality that life presents. We can CHOOSE our emotions. However we must never ignore, push down or turn our faces away from ANY emotion. All emotions are our souls way of guiding us closer and closer to our inner core.

It is our call again, as to how much energy we want to give to certain emotions. The more we stay with frustration and victimization, the more we feed these …the more we stay with hope and faith …the more we bring these into our reality.
Frustration and despair are important emotions. By not allowing them, you are sweeping it under the carpet and trying hard to pretend it is not there.
Instead , look at them and ask yourself why am I feeling this way ? Is it because my physical mind and my subconscious are playing past programmes in order to ‘ protect ‘ me ? What does my higher consciousness think of this? When you align all three together, you will feel the harmony of alignment. Your higher consciousness is NEVER going to align itself to your ego mind or the programming of your subconscious mind. You have to align them to the higher consciousness. You can do that by always reaching for a better feeling thought. If the subject that is causing you angst is where you have a lot of resistance , then for a bit, change the subject and focus on what feels good. Keep making your way through by looking for the next best thought and then the next and before you realise, it shall become a habit to feel good and you will no longer tolerate feeling bad (which you do to yourself in your reactions )

When you are faced with making decisions and often feel confused as to what decision is best for you then in order to beat the possibility paralysis , slow down your reaction time…start to tune in to your inner guidance. Each of us are born with 2 things, one is free will ( will to choose ) and an inner guidance system. Our inner guidance is what I refer to as our inner being or higher consciousness. It knows you completely…inside out…it has been with you since the start of your origination as it is that awareness / consciousness of you that is in the non physical part of you. Your emotions are a direct link to this inner guidance system.
So when you slow down your reaction time , and listen in to your gut feel about any choice or decision you need to make…it shall guide you correctly every single time.
As a child this gut feel/ intuition is strong ….as we grow , due to conditioning and external focus we mess up our ability to tune in.
So getting to deeply know ourselves is the first step…slowing down and really tuning in is the second. You can do this via meditation or quiet time
Try it for everything …stop and tune in and see what you feel.
It feels different in different people. It might feel like a deep knowing or even just a deep feeling of peace.

Practise until you trust it and can use this guidance system more efficiently for everything.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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