From a victim to a manifestor

You are moving levels of your consciousness through this process.

Don’t underestimate its power or its beauty.

Don’t be too focussed on ‘ doing ‘ and ‘ learning’ …enjoy the process.
It is not a ‘ new ‘ process.

It is something that you already know , deep down at soul level. There is nothing new to learn.
Just relax into the knowing by letting the resistance melt away.
Have fun with it.
This is meant to be a joyous awakening for you. An awakening from long slumber….to a clear, clear vision.
The first shift is usually the hardest. Because you are shifting from your perception of being a victim , of being helpless to being empowered to create change in your life. You are realising that you are a creator and that you can master these rules of creation.

Its an exciting stage. Like a baby realising that he can crawl…suddenly he feels as if he can go anywhere. However, there are many other stages. Just like, after a baby learns to crawl , he also learns how to walk , run, swim and dance.

Each stage is beautiful and is inbuilt deep inside of you. The journey therefore originates from inside of you and that is where, eventually , your focus must go. There is no lasting joy in anything outside of you. But that does not mean you must not enjoy the different stages. Trust and go along and it shall unfold exactly as it should.

The more you trust ..the less the resistance …the less the suffering, the more the enjoyment of the process.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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