HS- were you hurt ?
Me – Hell yes !
HS – Did you feel you were wronged?
HS – Would you like to feel validated in feeling that you were right and were wronged ?
Me – yes yes yes it would only be fair.
HS- Are you willing to let go and forgive even if that does not happen ?
Me- (thinking about it for a bit ) yes please.
HS- why ?
Me- Because holding on hurts and I don’t like feeling this way.
HS- Even if you have to let that feeling of righteousness go ?
Me – yes
Hs – why ?
Me – Because feeling bad and being right still makes me feel bad. I don’t like feeling bad anymore. I would rather be happy and not care about feeling right about this.
HS- Do you realise that once you decide to do this , and you are again confronted with the person / situation that hurt you in the first place , you might feel as if its all coming back and you might feel the urge to defend yourself or put up your side of things ? That would not be ‘ real ‘ forgiveness. Or letting go.
In order to really ‘ let go ‘ and really ‘ forgive ‘ you cannot feel anything but love for the person / situation and that is truly when you would have moved on?
ME ( with a gulp ) yes I understand and I am ready
HS – why ?
Me – cos my peace , my harmony , feeling good and following my joy, staying in my alignment and experiencing clarity is more important to me than holding on to feeling right about something that takes me off my balance.
HS – Well thats a good place to start 😁

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward ! This blog is a result of my random writings , poems , paintings over the last two years and a desire to put them in one place.

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