To Hide or not to hide – the illusion of hurt

Even people letting you down is an interesting test.

People you care about, will let you down. Even you will let down the people you love…..sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly.

How you react in cases like this is VERY important.

Do you retreat into your shell of judgement and hurt ? Do you give up on everyone ? Do you proclaim that all are selfish and only serve their needs ? Do you try and protect yourself by putting up high walls around you ?
Or do you grow in your understanding, so big that you can see the bigger picture……the whole tapestry, and realise that you may be just a single thread , but the way you act and react CAN actually affect the design of the whole fabric of existence.

That by NOT retreating into your own shell, by continuing to be an enthusiastic , loving , giving, unconditional light …if you inspire even one around you in the innate goodness of us all…you will start to make a difference.

For this though, you have to reach in deep…deeper than your ego would usually permit.

Deeper, way deeper than the hurt and the judgement and the wrongness into the unconditionality of it all…the love deep within. This requires the blind faith that it is worth reaching for…the faith that , that is indeed what you are on the inside. Then slowly allowing that love to seep into all of you and colour you so that you shine luminous. Where it transforms you and others around you.
By not giving into the illusion of hurt …you win …you pass that test. The test that you set for yourself and knew if you listened to your souls nudges , you would pass.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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