Letting your vulnerability show, is a part of being authentic. It is baring yourself as you are. It takes courage and determination and sometimes just a lot of knocks from life to know that it is truly the only way to be.

We are conditioned to be anything but vulnerable. We are taught to mask certain feelings , sometimes our innermost truths.
We are taught what is acceptable and what is not. Even in what we are feeling.

It is stifling.

Because it is not your truth. Each one’s truth is different and unique. When we allow ourselves to express our truth in the way we show up in the world, it is liberating. We then allow others too, the same liberation.

It is like letting out a long held up breath and feeling the relief of it.

The amazing part of it is, once you do show up authentically, miracles begin to unfold. Then you are aligned to who you truly are and are expressing and being who you truly need to be.

One persons truth is another ones dysfuntion. Once we understand this fact , it brings about a deeper empathy and acceptance and therefore grace.
Saves one from a lot of hurt and illusion.

Im still peeling layers of who I thought I was, to discover who ‘ I ‘ really am.
It is a long process ,sometimes bringing relief and sometimes great sorrow, but it is what it is.

And Im learning to be okay, with all of it.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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