It is ok to give away my bowl. It is also ok to not give it away.

Not all of us come here to offer merely what is inside our bowls. Some of us come here to offer our bowls as well.

After all, the bowl and me and the perceived other are all me …all extensions of the one.

It is the intention, behind giving away the bowl, that is truly important.

When the bowl is given because of an outpouring of love , or an overwhelming compassion or pure unconditional love or feeling of wellbeing, and when one knows on the inside that,no matter how many times the bowl is ‘given away ‘ with these pure feelings, it shall be replaced again and again and again and that no real loss occurs, then it is ok to give away the bowl.

On the other hand when it is given away with fear/ neediness / conditionality /wanting something in return… like love , approval, praise or respect, only then it is NOT ok to give it away.

Even so , it is not upto any of us to decide this for another.
Each one of us gets to decide this for ourselves. Each one of us is a unique individuated expression of the ONE. So what is ok for me, may not be ok for another.

It is ok for me to give away my bowl.

It is also ok for me not to.

I am learning how it feels both ways. I am learning when to give it away and also when, not to.

It is not upto me to judge whether or not the ‘ receiver ‘ is worthy or what their intentions are or how they perceive it.

This is merely the stumbling block. The resistance to oneness. There are no firm conclusions in any of the life themes we choose to experience. There is no ” The end”.

That is what makes this never ending journey so beautiful.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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