When we are gifted with empathy and compassion , we are likely to be more questioning of our own motives and intentionality. Therefore more prone to self doubt or self criticism.

The reason is, we feel so much empathy for another, that we tend to favour their feelings and wants over our own. This creates an unnecessary imbalance energetically. Also makes us more prone to getting depleted / have more imbalanced energetic relationships or WORSE, as a defensive measure , retreat into the ‘ safety ‘ of isolation.

As compassionate beings, with compassion being the way we are meant to connect to the world, it is not to our advantage to go into isolation.

Therefore, in order to prevent this viscious cycle
1) Really becoming self aware and therefore less doubtful of our own intentions
2) loving and honouring ourselves.
3) Not giving in to the urge to explain ourselves or change our behaviour to suit the world.
4) Still caring about people but not about their opinions
5) Not retreating but being mindful of our boundaries and not hesitating to be firm about them.
6) Knowing that when we love and honour ourselves, we are not only doing what is absolutely necessary for us but also benefitting others, as then they know where they stand ( so they are not tempted to ride roughshod over us).

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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