Sidestepping suffering

It seems to me that a lot of our suffering is self inflicted.

As children , we start sorting out what we like or don’t like and we continue to label ourselves , others and situations.

When we step out of what we then expect from ourselves ( as defined by and restricted by our labels ) , we suffer.

For example, the label of being an introvert.
When we want the company of people and rather enjoy it , AFTER labelling ourselves as Introverts, we suffer because we feel as if we have not been true to ourselves.
It causes a conflict within. Where as, if we were to realise, that actually we have not been true to the LABEL and that having that label in the first place, is not being true to the unlimited nature of our souls…then we understand the root of the conflict and can therefore resolve it.

Similarly, when we extend this sort of system to others, we walk into suffering again. When people step out of the roles or characteristics that we have assigned them to, we are disillusioned and often feel let down.

When we further allow our conditioning to extend to how life ” ought to ” unfold for us, we slip even deeper into this quicksand.

The answer to this then, is to let life unfold as it unfolds.
To not judge it , label it or restrict it.
To let people show up however they want to show up and take it all in our strides.
To show up in our own lives authentically in every moment. Whatever feels right to us in that moment, knowing and accepting that whatever feels right in one moment may not feel right in another.
To not attach to any one particular version of any of it.
We then sidestep the suffering, whilst experiencing life fully.
We do not need to run away to the mountains to find ourselves. We can be wherever we are and still find harmony in it all.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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