Nothing and Everything

Only when you truly feel satisfied in being nothing can you start to feel into the everythingness of all that you are.
Do not be dejected by how far you feel you still have to go. Remember there is no journey anywhere…you are already all of what you think you can be. You just have to remember it. There is no pressure, no time , no end game, no final result, no grading system.
It is all here in this now moment.
If you remember the start of this life’s journey…when you were but a child. Remember before the hurt and the cynicism…before even the fear and the anger. Remember the wonder , the joy and the awesomeness of everything you felt , touched, tasted and saw. Thats the closest you were to being nothing and remembering that you were everything.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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