FOR HEALERS ( and all of us are that in one form or another)

A message I received –

“They look at you with hope and faith. Their faith lies in something that they do not understand but what they hope you understand.
Do not turn cynical. It is pointless and does not suit your purpose. Your main purpose is to remind them of their own powers and not to make them feel as if there is a problem that needs to be sorted. By living your own life at the hightest level you are already helping. By choosing compassion not judgement, by choosing immense, complete faith. This ( process) is for you to build your faith. Not anyone else’s. You see you cannot build anyone else’s faith unless yours is rock solid.

This is that process.

The blind faith that your prayers are heard, will make you pray again. The faith that I listen to your plea’s and your talking to me all the time..will make you once again confide in me.
When problems happen you have no choice but to seek me in faith. Think of every thing in life like that. That will build your compassion . Your ability to feel into their anxiety and soothe them. The ability to be there to listen . To be that calming presence. They don’t need judgement and ridicule. They have enough of that. They need a safe haven for a bit to build their faith in themselves. Thats ALL you need to do. You are not expected to move mountains for them.That was never expected from you. So don’t be harsh on yourself and hold yourself responsible for ‘failures’ . There is no such thing.
You know this.
Keep on in faith and in joy and remind people to laugh , to have fun to have faith most of all.

That is all you need to really do.

All of you.

Be there for one another.

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A soul on a journey inward !

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