It all may be just an illusion , but the point is that LOVE IS REAL.

I just got this and it seems to be the crux of it all.
The important thing to keep from losing faith in it all.
That love is NOT and never was a part of the illusion. It is the only thing that is and has always been really REAL.

I was losing faith in the process of holding up, reaching out and being there along the way, thinking if it is all an illusion then whats the point in trying to help or sort it out or make people remember their own true power, of trying to get them to see themselves as the empowered beings they truly are. Of trying to get them to see how I see them.

But if Love is real…then what I feel for them is real.

And that means that they can feel that love.

And if so , thats all I need to do.


Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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