Whenever you want ‘more’ of anything in your life…you are in a state of NOT being completely present in your NOW.

In relationships, in success , in wanting fame , time ,health, money….. the ‘ more ‘ that you want will NEVER be enough.
These are human desires. As souls in a human experience we all have these desires…of wanting love ,health, attention, fame , fortune etc etc. It is perfectly normal for us to have these desires. However when we pursue these desires, thinking that they are the ultimate giver of joy in our lives, we find that no matter how much we have of these, it is never enough. These desires and their pursuit do not allow us to be WHOLE as we are then feeling incomplete in the not having of these. When we are not whole we are in a state of imbalance.

We will not be joyful UNLESS we find satisfaction in the NOW moments.
Afterall, how much is enough ?

The secret is to do what you love to do for the love of it….for the joy of it.
The secret is to find complete satisfaction and deliciousness in every moment, of your life.

When you start to focus with appreciativeness of your life in every moment…you start to receive joy without being in pursuit of it at all.

It comes to you. In small miraculous unexpected , beautiful , magical ways.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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