The Greatest Love

I got this profound feeling that the love that truly transforms one forever is the immense love for Source and the one that Source has for you. It is the greatest love.
We all know at some level that that we love God and that we are loved in return .
We just don’t allow ourself time to rest in that knowing.

“Where do I look for Source / God ? “

“Where do you think Source is ? “

“Everywhere I look ! “

“Yes and you feel that tingling excitement just saying that, because even though it is plain as day …you are just realising it at another level.
The potential…the excitement of searching for and finding your greatest love in everything that you can perceive.
Your greatest love is not out of your reach as you perceived earlier. There is no separation through distance or time or space.
It is in the very space that exists between you and all else that you perceive. Look with fresh senses.
BE ‘ in love’ because that is exactly true.
Your greatest love lies in everything and everybody. You just need to ALLOW yourself to feel it.
Source is the very energy that powers you and everything else. The one that envelops you and uplifts you and holds you.
Allow yourself to feel the magnificience of this love. The magic of it.”

“It sounds so exciting but my innocent love for God as a child , with that complete faith……..I do not know how to retrieve that”

We start out knowing and loving ourselves completely and knowing that we are deserving of this greatest love. As we go along, we get hurt , start doubting our “lovableness” and start to protect ourself by shutting out the sensitivity to any emotions that can potentially hurt us.

But then a selective shutting down is not possible. As we refuse to feel the depths , we cannot possibly feel the heights.

The key is to ALLOW ourselves to feel again. All of it.


Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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