“I love you.”
I love you, but that has not much to do with you , in fact nothing to do with you and everything to do with what is inside me.
I love me and I fill myself up with that love.
When I do so, it automatically overwhelms me with love for you. I may not even know you well. I may not know the parts of you that you yourself have disowned or are ashamed of. Even if I did, they would not stop this love from flowing towards you as this love has nothing to do with you and everything to do with what is bubbling up in exhileration from inside of me.

This love that I feel for you has no conditions.
It cannot.
The source of this love is not me….it comes from an unending stream that comes from deep inside of me and connects us all , only if we would step out of the way to allow it in.
You have this magical stream inside of you too. Whether you choose to let it wash over you and drown you in its bliss, or stay on the outside questioning its very existence, is a choice you get to make.

Either ways, I still love you. ”

-This has been percolating for a few days as I notice the way the love just pours out.

I feel enveloped in it all the time. So cannot help but project it outwards with no holds barred. Whether its family , friends or perfect strangers !
I also notice how people do not know how to react to it . It makes me smile.
I feel as if I know what they feel….. Ive been there…questioning motives…looking for hidden agenda….mistrusting Love and care if freely dispensed.

At the same time, most people blossom under its onslaught.

That blossoming , that opening up to love…is so very beautiful to observe.

And yet, thats not why it comes.

It just does…

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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