I got a vivid visual message today …
I saw Dr Wayne Dyer standing in a very bright place with a table of books stacked in front of him and somehow I knew that the title of those books was significant.
He was smiling reassuringly
I could only see one title very very clearly.
It said ” BELONG TO ME “
I was confused at the time.
Then I felt that even though Dr Dyer was the author ( in my vision) , the title was not referring to him but to God
Belong to God
I felt vaguely, that the message was about shifting the focus from humans who are imperfect and who are conditional to that which is perfect and totally unconditional.
It felt as if to focus on belonging to God would take away any hurt and would in fact be a relationship that would elevate
Like Rumi , Like Shams of Tabriz, like Meera etc
Belonging to God….and therefore nothing here, can hurt anymore.

Imagine the love, support, and vibration of that connection.

A lot of souls will continue to choose connection as a primary or secondary mission as it propels them into relationships….it is the egoic anchor into this illusion. The need to have that connection is what tethers the soul firmly into this illusion. And therefore the immersive experiences which cannot happen without this tethering. If a soul does not have this deep need for connection through their mission, it will very easily be able to find its way back to source because that is a great pull ingrained inside of it.
However connection and the need for relationships with others , makes the soul engage with other souls and in doing so learns many, many in fact most of its life lessons / themes.
It is in the interactions that one is almost forced to learn. The image comes of a heavy weight that keeps an object under water where it experiences the currents and everything else under the water. The moment the anchor is released however, its natural inclination is to bob up to the surface.
Thus many old souls will be found quite happy to be ” alone” and yet will not feel alone. The pull towards the real union is so profound and the sensing of the ultimate love so uplifting and joyous, that relationships / connections with other souls pale in comparision.
However the love does not go away.
In fact it increases.

The need for close intimate relationships is replaced by this overwhelming love felt for all.
As one steps more and more in the direction of the coming into wholeness and completion , more and more of God’s love and light shines through this person and spills on to others.

This is why they call it enlightenment.

The soul getting rid of everything that held it in darkness …moving towards lightness and being light.

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A soul on a journey inward !

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