A continuation of The ultimate connection

Many souls at this stage choose to not become parents so they can focus on the final stretch. However when they do choose to become parents, they might seem to others to be disconnected somewhat and not as intensely involved in their childrens lives. To youger souls in the throes of their missions of intense connection, this seems strange and out of their understanding.
Yet the older souls are not affected by the outside perceptions / limitations and societal norms. They are well aware , that as fragile or helpless they appear, their children are actually mighty and divine souls themselves upon their own unique journeys independent of their parents or siblings.
They recognise the importance of that independent journey and honour and acknowledge it by focussing on their own expansion and experience.
Children who choose to come to such souls also have , in most cases evolved to a point that is perfect for this level of non interference in their journeys. In fact some very evolved souls on missions of increasing levels of awareness and consciousness, come through to a parent soul like this so that the parent soul naturally support their missions.
In some cases of course there are exceptions …and in those cases the souls who have much to learn, come through as children to these souls to teach them any final lessons of loving acceptance etc that they might need to fine tune. They in turn, get to learn their own lessons through the loving acceptance / detachment that their parent soul offer

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A soul on a journey inward !

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